A Science Café is an event that brings scientists and the public together in an informal setting like a restaurant, pub, or coffee shop

Science Café Goals?

  • Provide an opportunity for adults in the community to learn about science.
  • Attract new audiences who are not already involved in science or with the host organization.
  • Academic institutions are often seen as inaccessible; by hosting an event that is open to the general public, an institution can be more inclusive and let people know what kind of research is going on in their local communities.
  • It is a pathway to collaboration between institutions, universities, and public
  • Create an atmosphere where the public can not only learn from scientists, but scientists can learn from the public as well.
  • Show that learning about science can be fun!

One of the key features of a Science Café is that it is held in an informal setting such as a restaurant, bar, or café. It has been shown that audiences respond to the relaxed atmosphere and may be more likely to interact with the speaker and each other in such a location.

Tips for Choosing a Venue?

  • Do you want to reach adults? Consider hosting the Science Café in a bar or restaurant that serves refreshments.
  • Do you want to reach young adults or families? Consider hosting the Science Café in a bookstore, coffee shop, or pizza place.
  • Do you want to attract brand new audiences? Consider hosting the Science Café in a venue that has an open room for everyone so that even people there for their own social reasons can participate if they wish.

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