The Pepper Science Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to be a liaison between Pepperscience and your university.

  • Ambassadors plan and host events during the school year, introduce students to new pepperscience products and features, and act as a campus contact for PepperScience teams.
  • Ambassadors are centre point for the Universities scientific outreach program.
  • Have all the data regarding the enrolment of research students into
  • Help your colleagues for improving the visibility of their research outputs.
  • To provide us honest feed back of your colleagues to the pepperscience.

Who can become a Pepper Science Campus Ambassador?
We are looking for anyone who are:

  • Currently enrolled in a university as research student.
  • Currently involved with the university in the capacity of faculty.
  • Currently involved with the university in the capacity of Administrator.
  • Passionate about technology and scientific outreach, open science and open access.
  • Have a burning desire to make change in the higher education student community.
  • Who are interested to lead the student community in their college?
  • Have taken initiatives/ held leadership positions in college
  • Love meeting new people and guiding them about opportunities on peperscience.
  • Great attitude to learn & an interest to guide students.

What do you get?
To be frank we are just starting, one man startup, I started this community out of my own interest in scientific outreach, science for the masses and open access of knowledge, hence initially I might not be able to give any monetary benefits, however you can achieve quiet a lot! By leading our program:

  • Hands on Skills - You will learn skills like leadership, marketing, convincing, communication, social media marketing and the most important of all, team work!
  • Be a STAR in your college
  • Interact and learn from some of the best students across the country.
  • Be a part of growing start-up community.
  • Above all – the pride that you have made a real change in the research student.
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