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Synthetic drugs play vital role in the control and cure of diseases. Quality unit of pharma industry ensures in controlling the impurities of the drugs by using highly accurate analytical methods by using chromatographic techniques. A highly accurate analytical method was developed for the assay of Venlafaxacine in pharmaceutical formulations. Venlafaxacine is an anti depression drug used among adults. The method involves ODS-C18 column and mobile phase composition of 65:35, v/v of acetate buffer and Acetonitrile. The wavelength of detection is 225nm. The proposed method can be used for quality estimation of drug in pharmaceutical formulations.
The present paper focuses primarily on analytical procedures which the author has developed using chromatographic technique as an alternative to conventional methods. This method evaluates the purity and safety of the Venlafaxacine tablets available in the market. The reported method is less tedious and can easily adaptable to quality control samples. The method under study is specific and free from interference of matrix effects. The reported method is reproducible and accurate (99.5- 100%), reported time period of the method is less than 10 minutes. The drug under study is subjected to forced degradation study to understand stability of the drug.

Journal Name: Journal of Pharmacy Research , Volume Number: 5(5) , Page Number: 2683 ,
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