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When the chemicals in car exhaust come into contact with ozone in the air, they break up into smaller chemicals that can cause air pollution. One example is a chemical called the Criegee intermediate. Criegees make less air pollution when the air is humid. This project looks at how Criegees interact with UV light. This tells us how they change based on how hot and humid the air is. We saw that more Criegees can cause air pollution when it is cold and dry.
This work helps us know more about how air pollution is made. It also shows how pollution changes in different climates. We can use this research to guess how much pollution will be made by cars in different places. This can tell us how clean the air is, and lawmakers can make decisions based on that. Another reason this research is important is that some kinds of pollution cause global warming. So this work helps us guess how the climate will change in the future.

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